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The Tuscan's Dilemma
Widow Callie Villiers and her son Tom have made a new life for themselves in the idyllic Tuscan countryside. When Italian businessman and international playboy, Luca di Giovinazzo appears in their sleepy village Callie finds herself caught up in a whirlwind affair. Luca obviously finds her attractive, makes no excuses for wanting her in his bed and adores Tom. Can Callie make him see that marriage and a family can be a fulfilling life? But Luca's interest in Callie stems from an ulterior motive - he's taking over a failing business and wants his inheritance money, his only when he marries.

The first book in a series of five.

Five friends, five European countries and five gorgeous men. Join Callie, Sophie, Lucy, Eve and Poppy as each of them find happiness, love and a sexy husband in their own tale of passion and international romance.

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